Oracle Hyperion Planning

Oracle Hyperion Planning

Oracle’s Hyperion Planning is a web driven Budgeting and Forecasting tool that utilizes Oracle Essbase as the data storage and calculation engine. Hyperion Planning sits on top of the Essbase OLAP server. By leveraging Essbase’s multidimensional data model as well as standard relational database management platforms, Oracle’s Hyperion Planning provides a powerful tool for forecasts, budgeting, reporting, and analysis. The Essbase portion of the application gives Hyperion Planning the calculation power to handle predictive planning, allocations and complicated revenue recognition planning.

Hyperion Planning is part of Oracle’s Hyperion EPM software suite and is often utilized with Hyperion Financial Reports and Web Analysis to enhance the analytic value inherent in its underlying use of Essbase. Hyperion Planning has two additional add-in modules, Workforce Planning and CapEx Planning that can be used along with Oracle Hyperion Planning to increase performance drivers in budgets and emphasize operational budgeting.

Budgeting and Forecasting Issues

  • Inefficient Emails. Emailing budgets to and from users is time consuming, can be accidentally overlooked or discarded, risks data integrity and is prone to user errors or consolidation issues.
  • Sole Source. Businesses may realize too late that the “latest and greatest” version of the forecast is being maintained on someone’s C drive, which runs the risk of data corruption, incorrect versions or lost files.
  • Version Control. Often a company will have multiple versions of a budget, one for baseline, one for upside, one for downside, and sometimes numerous other combinations.
  • Dated material. By the time the budget process begins and budgets are sent out, received back, revised, approved, further revised and achieve final approval, months can often pass. This leads to outdated or irrelevant budgets.

Hyperion Planning Advantages

  • Oracle Hyperion Planning is a user-friendly, centralized, Excel and Web-based planning, budgeting and forecasting tool.
  • It integrates Strategic, Financial and Operational planning processes and improves business predictability.
  • Oracle Hyperion Planning provides an in-depth look at business operations and its related impact on financials, by tightly integrating financial and operational planning models.
  • Oracle Hyperion Planning you can meet your immediate financial planning needs while enabling a platform for future cross-functional expansion and automated process integration.

Financial Planning Solutions

  • Create multiple versions and scenarios, from top down to bottom up budgets
  • Rolling forecasts, operational budgets, plus driver based or allocation budgets.
  • Smart View add-in with Microsoft Office which allows users to forecast or budget in Microsoft Excel, an environment comfortable to most finance users.
  • Powerful analytical tools give it enhanced visibility Strategic Planning, Modeling, Simulation and what-if analysis to forecast past, current and future business performance.

Operational Planning Solutions

  • Capital Expense and Workforce Planning, both special purpose planning modules, can help companies plan and analyze major capital expenditures and fixed assets retirements, plus forecast headcount, salary and compensation expense quickly and efficiently.
    • This drives real-time awareness of the business impact of an organization’s capital and workforce decisions and overall expense plans.
  • Workforce Planning is a pre-packaged solution for quick implementations to help companies plan salary and other compensation at any level.
    • Add, edit and delete employees and new hires
    • Pre-defined or custom calculations for taxes, etc.
    • Integrate actuals from HR systems and allows users to test scenarios in real-time for impact analysis.
  • Capital Expense Planning is a pre-packaged solution for quick implementations to help companies plan for asset purchases and asset related expenses.
    • Transfer, retire, and improve assets
    • Directly linked to main plan and interfaces with external systems Fixed Asset systems.

RapidApp Oracle Hyperion Planning Implementation

  • Reduce  budgeting and forecasting cycles with a Hyperion Planning Implementation.
  • Our consultants combine extensive Oracle Hyperion implementation experience with real world accounting and finance backgrounds to provide the best solution to your budgeting and forecasting process.
  • Our approach utilizes pre-built, customizable templates (models, forms, reports and business logic) reducing development cycles and project cost.
  • Our Rapid App offering of Hyperion Planning will offer the “basics” for firms who need this solution to generate reliable budgets quickly and accurately. Additional functionality can be implemented later upon further discovery or as your business needs change.