Oracle Business Intelligence

A Comprehensive Business Intelligence Platform

Oracle business intelligence is a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to deliver powerful information and analytics based on data from multiple heterogeneous sources such as operational business applications, data warehouses and even Excel spreadsheets. Oracle Business Intelligence delivers a wide and robust set of reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, OLAP, dashboard and scorecard functionality through a rich user interface that incorporates visualization, collaboration, alerts and notifications through both a browser-based user interface and mobile devices. With Oracle business intelligence, executives through to front-line managers can be armed with the information necessary to make better decisions and achieve a competitive advantage.

Functional highlights of Oracle business intelligence include:

  • Interactive Dashboards that deliver personalized information in a structured format to users based on roll and security definitions.
  • Ad Hoc Analysis and Interactive Reporting that allows business users to easily create analysis from scratch or modify existing analysis.
  • Enterprise Reporting that allows for the creation of highly formatted templates, reports and documents.
  • Proactive Detection and Alerts that trigger workflows and notifications based on events or conditions.
  • Actionable Intelligence that provides users with the ability to enact business processes and Web services all from within a report or dashboard.
  • Microsoft Office Integration that embeds up-to-the-minute analytics within Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents as well as enabling users to easily download reports into Excel, PowerPoint or CSV files for further analysis and presentation.
  • Spatial Intelligence that allows information to be rendered through interactive maps.
  • Scorecard and Strategy Management that brings to life and organizations strategic objectives and success criteria through graphical scorecards and key performance indicators.