BizTech’s GL Insight Accelerators

Real-time BI for Financial Reporting and Close Management

Financial Management has traditionally been a monthly, quarterly and annual score-keeping process.    Business has changed and real-time financial transparency is a necessity.   Real-time financials are not only critical to support the month-end close, but throughout the month to instantaneously gauge financial performance.

Real-Time Insight
BizTech’s General Ledger Insight Accelerator speeds the power of Oracle Business Intelligence into real-time, providing financial managers with up-to-the-minute and dynamic presentation of financial information.  Within a few screens, users have a complete snapshot of financial performance.

Streamline Month-end Close
Month-end close can be a cumbersome iterative process.  With BizTech’s General Ledger Insight Accelerator, accounting managers can drill into an account analysis report with full sub-ledger detail.  Iterative changes to the General Ledger are immediately reflected in financial statements.

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BizTech – GL Insight Accelerator Datasheet