BizTech’s AR Insight Accelerators

Real-time BI for Effective Receivables Management

Effective receivables management can have a dramatic impact on cash flow and financial plans.  With many companies implementing late payment policies, it is critical that everyone from the CFO to AR managers and staff are on top of monies owed and are focusing efforts to maximize timely collection.

Real-Time Insight
BizTech’s AR Insight Accelerator speeds the power of Oracle Business Intelligence into real-time, providing all stakeholders in the receivables process with up-to-the-minute and dynamic presentation of monies due and collected.

Drill into the Details
Complimenting AR dashboards are the ability to drill into the details and look at detailed aging, invoice register, receipt register and trial balance reports.

Create Adhoc Reports with Ease
Go one step further and modify the existing reports or create new reports with Oracle Business Intelligence’s ‘drag and drop’ Analysis Tool.  Over 150 fields and predefined calculations are available.

Insight Accelerators from BizTech
Insight Accelerators combine the power of Oracle Business Intelligence with pre-built Oracle E-Business Suite views to deliver real-time operational and analytical business intelligence.  Used standalone or in conjunction with Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, Insight Accelerator dashboards and reports expose real time E-Business Suite information in an easy to use and dynamic environment.

Insight Accelerators can be deployed with on-premise or BizTech hosted implementations.

Sample Dashboard Pages – Click to Enlarge

BizTech – AR Insight Accelerator Datasheet