Database Services & Upgrades

Reduce your Risk with Oracle Database 11g

Reducing potential risks to your business by keeping your technology up-to-date is a critical part of your IT strategy. Oracle database upgrades require specialty resources, time, testing, and experience that your regular staff may not possess.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, our staff of Oracle certified professionals can help you upgrade to Oracle Database 11g, regardless of your current version or specific requirements.

Standard Upgrades Include:

  • Review of your current operating environments and system constraints
  • Detailed assessment of your current Oracle database installations and operating environments
  • Full backup of your pre-upgrade Oracle database environments
  • Upgrade of your Oracle environment to Oracle database 11g
  • Detailed analysis of your post upgrade environment
  • Complete knowledge transfer of the new upgraded environments to your team

Additional Upgrade Services Include:

  • Installation or Upgrade of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Installation of Oracle Data Guard
  • Installation of Oracle Automated Storage Management (ASM)

BizTech’s Upgrade Packages

Platforms in a Cloud

Many organizations face the challenge of finding an environment for their upgrade.  BizTech’s Services in a Cloud solves that challenge.

  • BizTech creates an environment based on the needs of your organizations upgrade
    • Example – your upgrade requires 5 nodes = 5 servers provided by BizTech
  • We mirror your upgrade set up at a CPU memory and Operating System level
  • BizTech provides a secure software based VPN to allow access to your server
  • Access to a single node Vision environment

Upgrade Jump Start

  • Includes all components of Services in a Cloud package
  • BizTech clones your existing environment and performs the technical upgrade (Application and or Database)

* This upgrade is to the latest Oracle point release available

Free Upgrade Assessment

  • Document of WRICE (Workflows, Reports, Interfaces, Customizations, Extensions) components effected by the upgrade
  • Functional assessment of benefits received by upgrading to the latest release
  • Training Plan
  • Project Plan
  • Training on Vision environment

* Upgrade Assessment is performed within a 5-10 day timeframe

* Assessment fee waived upon selection of BizTech to perform the upgrade