R12 Upgrade

Oracle R12 Upgrade Packages

At BizTech, we assist organizations choose the path from their current Oracle system to Oracle E-Business Suite R12. With over a decade of applications upgrade experience, our solution architects combined best practices, process automation and business value into three alternative upgrade packages. Each package option ensures on-time and on-budget completion and minimal system downtime while maintaining business continuity as you upgrade to R12.

Package Types:

Basic Upgrade:
The Basic Upgrade Package is designed for organizations seeking a rapid, basic Financials upgrade. This offer delivers a full working R12 financials system, which mirrors the 11.5.10 transactional processing without business process transformation. The basic package includes limited CEMLI activity (configurations extensions modifications localizations integration framework).

The Basic Package is an ideal fit for an organization:

  • Seeking a EBS Financials Package only R12 Upgrade
  • Using less than 30 EBS modules

Dynamic Upgrade:

Organizations seeking a comprehensive business process enhancement as well as a technical upgrade should consider the Dynamic Upgrade Package. This package is designed for companies with complex business flows, an expanded Oracle footprint, but do not desire a reimplementation. A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to your upgrade who will coordinate with a remote team of functional and technical experts to support and test the upgrade process. Increased CEMLI activity is included.

The Dynamic Package is an ideal fit for an organization:

  • Required to meet global localization and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Using 30 or more Oracle EBS modules
  • Requiring up to 150 CEMLI items
  • Multi-national organizations
  • Desire to consolidate multiple instances into one single (global) instance

Premium Upgrade:
The Premium Upgrade Package enables organizations to leverage a rapid implementation approach which includes strategic upgrade configurations as well as new functionality process designs.  Project management is U.S. based, with cooperation from a remote team of functional and technical experts and 100% U.S. based training.  Unlimited CEMLI activity is included.

The Premium Package is an ideal fit for an organization:

  • Desiring to eliminate significant customizations by leveraging R12 standard functionality
  • Requiring more complex CEMLI remediation\

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Changes to any business critical application must be done carefully, to ensure optimal performance and guarantee business continuity. By enlisting the help of BizTech, an experienced services provider, organizations can ensure that they are leveraging best practices to obtain the greatest possible benefits from their R12 Upgrade.
To find out how BizTech can help you leverage the many new capabilities and flexibility provided by upgrading to Oracle EBS R12, please visit biztech.com