Hyperion Planning

Streamline Planning and Forecasting

The planning and budgeting process is a burden to many organizations, often consuming the precious time of valuable internal resources. The process typically includes email submissions, offline data entry, and the manual development and consolidation of countless error prone spreadsheets.

Mid-cycle changes to assumptions and strategies result in painstaking rework, further hampering accuracy. The process is often so lengthy that when it is complete the business has already begun execution and the plans and forecasts are outdated. Companies need to develop a better way to perform critical budgeting and forecasting processes efficiently, but how?

Oracle Hyperion Planning can alleviate much of the hassle of the budgeting process.

  • Oracle Hyperion Planning is a centralized, Excel and Web-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes and improves business predictability. It provides real time budgeting and forecasting capability.
  • In-depth look at business operations and its related impact on financials, by tightly integrating financial and operational planning models.
  • While Planning is a web software application, it also has an add-in with Microsoft Office (called Smart View) which allows users to forecast or budget in Microsoft Excel, an environment comfortable to most finance users.


Hyperion Planning Implementation Process

BizTech enables organizations to embrace the power of Hyperion Planning. Our experienced consultants help companies achieve improved budgeting and forecasting techniques often in less than 45 business days.

Our business model allows organizations to realize immediate cost savings through an accelerated implementation which establishes a budget conscious methodology that deploys functionality to satisfy core functional requirements.

After a rapid implementation our clients receive a streamlined enterprise-wide budgeting and forecasting process. Realize the results instantly with analytical information needed to quickly develop accurate and timely forecasts.

With BizTech and Hyperion, organizations spend less time emailing and consolidating budgeting spreadsheets and more time developing plans to ensure financial success.