Technology Assessment

Take a Closer Look

Whether your project is in the initial planning or final phases of an implementation or upgrade, BizTech can assess your current or planned infrastructure foot print to verify that the technical details of your project are in order. Our Oracle consultants partner with your IT staff and executives to determine the hardware and software compliance and compatibility of your project and Oracle technology version. We work with your IT team (on site or remotely) to mine the necessary information to complete a full report on the current state of your IT infrastructure as well as make recommendations for future growth and performance. Additional services include assistance with the procurement of hardware, including hardware RFP development.

Major sections of the technology assessment include:

  • Current environment overview
  • Server and workstation review
  • Database and table sizing
  • 3rd party product reviews
  • Hardware and software compatibility
  • New release overview
  • Proposed environments
  • Technical procedures
  • Technical training plans
  • Production support methodologies
  • Identity Management & Security